Shine A Light When It's Gray Out

And the Light Shines in Darkness (I), 2018
Art is Long, Life is Short (I), 2018
Domestic Life Was Never Quite My Style, 2018
Every Action's an Act of Creation, 2018
Flown Too Close to the Sun, 2018
For the First Time, I'm Thinkin Past Tomorrow, 2018
I Know That Greatness Lies in You, 2018
I Want to Build Something That's Gonna Outlive Me, 2018
I'll Lay Down My Life If It Sets Us Free, 2018
I'm Burning the Memories, 2018
Let This Moment Be the First Chapter, 2018
Love Conquers All (I), 2018
Planting Seeds in a Garden You Never Get to See, 2018
Seize the Night (I), 2018
Sigmund, 2018
The Plan Is to Fan This Spark into a Flame, 2018
Vanity of Vanities, All is Vanity (I), 2018
Virgil, 2018
We'll Bleed and Fight for You, We'll Make It Right for You, 2018
We'll Give the World to You and You'll Blow Us Away, 2018
Where There is Love, There is Pain (I), 2018
Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story, 2018
History Has Its Eyes on You, 2017
Laughing in the Face of Casualty and Sorrow, 2017
Eventually You Will See My Ascendancy, 2017
Forgiveness… Can You Imagine?, 2017
Take a Break, 2017
Run Away with Us for the Summer, 2017
High Hopes, 2018
Our Spirits Rise to Carry the Fire and Light the Spark, 2018
I Can Make You Blush, 2018
Let Me Go Easy, 2018
I’m Looking for Baggage That Goes with Mine, 2017
Moments That Words Don’t Reach, 2017
You’ll Blow Us All Away, Someday, Someday, 2017
Beacon, 2017
It’s Getting Dark, 2017
The Moments When You’re in so Deep It Feels Easier to Just Swim Down, 2017
I Remember Death So Much It Feels Like A Memory, 2017
We Push Away the Unimaginable, 2017
Burn, 2017
Icarus, 2017
Where We Belong, 2017
When You're Gone Who Remembers Your Name?, 2017
Should I Bring Him Down? Should I Scream and Shout? Should I Speak of Love, Let My Feelings Out?, 2017
Let the World Turn Without You Tonight, 2017
Why Waste Your Breath Moaning at the Crowd, 2018
This Is Just a Dream, 2018
Hearts Are Never Broken, 2018
Only Thing to Do Is Jump over the Moon, 2018
And You Toss and Turn, 2018
There’s Only Us, There’s Only This, 2017
There Is No Future, There Is No Past, I Live This Moment as My Last, 2017
I Walk with Angels That Have No Place, 2017
The World’s Going to Know Your Name, 2017
Don’t Give Up, Because You Have Friends, 2017
Poor Man Want to Be Rich, Poor Man Want to Be King, 2018
Fade Away, 2018
Open All Night, 2018
WOW, 2018
At the End of Every Hard Earned Day, People Find Some Reason to Believe, 2018
No Other Road, No Other Way, No Day but Today, 2017
With 1,000 Sweet Kisses, I’ll Cover You, 2017
Give in to Love or Live in Fear, 2017
I Remember How Rough Your Hand Felt on Mine, 2017
Glory Days, 2017
Save Tomorrow for Tomorrow, 2017
Too Much Heaven on My Mind, 2017
I Reach out from the Inside, 2017
The Price You Pay, 2017
The Plan Is to Fan This Spark into a Flame, 2018
Could We Start Again Please?, 2018
My Mind Is Clearer Now, 2018
Sprezzatura, 2017
In a Moment of Forgiveness, 2018
What Would You Give for Your Kid Fears?, 2018
Steam of Consciousness I, 2018
Floating on a Sea of Daydreams, 2018
Meet Me in the Land of Hope and Dreams, 2018
Say You’ll Love Me Every Waking Moment, 2018
My Aim Is True, 2018
I Am Watching While You’re Dancing (table), 2018
Flying in the Dark, 2018
Flying by the Seat of Your Pants, 2018
Voltaire, 2017
Séverine, 2017
Beleth, 2018
Fallen Angel, 2018
Allegra, 2017
Polyphemus, 2017
Qilin, 2017
Big Thick Love, 2018
Temperantia, 2017
Caritas, 2018
Patientia, 2018
Industria, 2018
Castitas, 2018
Humilitas, 2018
Humanitas, 2018
Show Me How to Say No to This (LOVE), 2017
Mostrami Como Dire No a Questo (AMORE), 2017
Gucci Moonlight Landing, 2017
Gucci AMORE, 2017
Gucci LOVE, 2017
Gucci HOPE, 2017