Shine A Light When It's Gray Out

While working on the concept for this new series I was influenced, as most artists are, by the current landscape of society, both political and moral. Over the last few years, events like mass shootings and violence in schools, and the phenomena that is social media and fake news became more important than reality, natural disasters, etc., the list goes on and on. It seems that only after a national tragedy do we, as a society, talk about helping each other or trying to embrace change. We are all too busy managing the small things in our lives and trying to get through the day. The big things are quite often too big, so we retreat into our own world, virtual and otherwise, giving up on those larger things. We give up hope.  


Over the past year, I have experienced three things that although separate, put my life and world events into perspective and as a result conceptualized this series. The most critical of these being my daughter Wren, who's birth last year has inspired in me a new spirit and dedication to leaving her a better world than she came into.


The series itself thematically is about hope and love, a light in the dark, and how we should never give up, for ourselves, for our children, all children. The background canvases are painted with dark oil paints and oil sticks in tumultuous strokes—a swirling maelstrom. The butterflies cascading and undulating over these backgrounds are the light, the hope, and the beauty. They are my beacon.